2017 Bird Calendars from many species. Bird lovers will enjoy these colorful calendars available in wall, box, mini, engagement formats!

2017 Songbirds Calendars!

Soulful, joyful, and invigorating is the songbird’s song. Also known as "perching birds," these charming creatures belong to the order Passeriformes, which includes larks, finches, and thrushes. Delight in the collection of brilliantly colored songbirds pictured in these wall calendars with skillful photography that evokes that sweet, musical call.

Animals - Birds

Songbirds of North America 2017 Calendar. Bird-watching is an increasingly popular pastime, and the songbirds in North America are among our most colorful and melodious species. Also, many songbird species are easy to attract and observe right in your own backyard. Each month provides information about species, including habitat and behavior.

* Features beautiful, full-color photography of songbirds in their natural habitat.
* Provides information about species, habitat and behavior on each bird for every month.

Songbirds of North America 2017 Wall Calendar
Songbirds of North America 2017 Wall Calendar