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2017 Sea Otters Calendars!

The frisky sea otter frolics in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Floating on its back with its head above water, the sea otter feasts on shellfish, then naps after a full meal. These endearing mammals wrap themselves in kelp to keep from drifting away from one another while they sleep.

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Sea Otters 2017 Wall Calendar. Sea Otters 2017 Wall Calendar's twelve photographs highlight sea otters' familiar mammalian traits, dutiful grooming, dedication to their offspring, and a somewhat precocious nature. Endearingly awkward on land, sea otters are born in the water and spend nearly all their time there, floating in the northern Pacific kelp beds that shelter their favorite food: the purple sea urchin. Desire for their luxuriant fur nearly pushed them to extinction, but today they are protected around the world as a threatened species and widely recognized as beneficial to the coastal ecosystems they help balance.

Sea Otters 2017 Wall Calendar
Sea Otters 2017 Wall Calendar