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2017 Polar Bears Calendars!

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A polar bear's fur is not actually white. Each strand of hair has a hollow core that reflects visible light. Polar bears are also accomplished swimmers. Some males grow to weigh well over 1,000 pounds. These powerful animals are highly protective of their young and blend beautifully into their Arctic habitat. You don't have to travel far or freeze your rump to see these delightful bears. Stay warm. Observe them instead in the pages of this Polar Bears square wall calendars.

Polar Bears 2017 Wall Calendar. Found roaming on the vast icy plains of the great white circumpolar arctic, the Polar Bear is considered the largest land-living carnivore in the world. Polar Bears have come to the forefront of public attention in recent years due to growing evidence of their diminishing habitat as a result of climate change. Photographed in their natural environment by award-winning photographers, National Geographic Polar Bears calendar offers a dynamic collection of close-ups of this extraordinary animal. Each outstanding image in this award winning calendar is accompanied by fascinating National Geographic information and a large grid with moon phases and international holidays

Polar Bears 2017 Wall Calendar
Polar Bears 2017 Wall Calendar

Polar Bears 2017 Wall Calendar. Standing 10 feet tall on its hind legs and weighing more than 1,600 pounds, the polar bear is renowned for its singular ferociousness. It survives on the starkly beautiful and unforgiving arctic tundra, moving with the floating ice to raise its young and hunt for seals. With its tufted ears, snowy white coat and coal-black eyes and nose, the polar bear is arrestingly photogenic. In this collection of remarkable photographs we discover the polar bear as not only a formidable predator but also a loving parent and natural jester.  World-renowned photographer Norbert Rosing has been a leader in raising awareness of this majestic creature and the increasing threats to its survival. In Polar Bears 2017 Deluxe Wall Calendar, his engaging photographs and informative captions invite us into a world that few are privileged to see.

Polar Bears 2017 Wall Calendar
Polar Bears 2017 Wall Calendar