2017 Bird Calendars from many species. Bird lovers will enjoy these colorful calendars available in wall, box, mini, engagement formats!

2017 Hummingbirds Calendars!

Known for their diminutive size, bright iridescent colors, and hovering flight, hummingbirds live only in the Western Hemisphere. However, they can be found almost anywhere between Argentina and Alaska. Early Spanish explorers called these migratory birds joyas voladoras, or flying jewels. This Hummingbirds wall calendar features beautiful images of these vibrant little birds.

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Hummingbirds 2017 Wall Calendar. A glimpse of opalescent wings announces the arrival of the hummingbirds. These delicate yet powerful garden visitors inspire and delight, while joyful messages of love remind us that we, too, are astonishing creatures. The calendar pages are printed on FSC Certified paper.

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Hummingbirds 2017 Wall Calendar
Hummingbirds 2017 Wall Calendar