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2017 Goats Calendars!

A horned herbivore related to the sheep, a goat is not a finicky eater. Almost anything will do! Domestic goats are raised for their wool and milk. Indeed goats' milk is the most consumed milk worldwide.

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Goats 2017 Wall Calendar
Goats 2017 Wall Calendar

Twelve full-color images capture the intelligence and playfulness of domestic goats. Enjoy an entire year of these cud-chewing "living lawn mowers". The large format wall calendar features daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and personal reminders.

Baby Goats 2017 Wall Calendar
Baby Goats 2017 Wall Calendar

Baby Goats is a lovely twelve-month calendar that showcases the adorableness of baby goats! It contains baby goat facts and large calendar grids that are perfect for writing all of your appointments and reminders in.