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2017 Elephants Calendars!

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Elephants 2017 Wall Calendar
Elephants 2017 Wall Calendar

Twelve stunning full-color photographs depict the power, intelligence and social nature of elephants, the largest land animals on earth. The large format wall calendar features daily grids with ample room for jotting appointments, birthdays and reminders.

Elephants 2017 Wall Calendar
Elephants 2017 Wall Calendar

Larger than life with beautiful ivory tusks and distinctive long trunks, elephants are surely among the most beloved creatures on the planet. Two species of elephants are commonly recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. Their trunks are used in several ways: for breathing, lifting water and grasping objects. National Geographic Elephants calendar presents an incomparable collection of images taken by wildlife photographers. Each outstanding image is accompanied by fascinating National Geographic information and a large grid with moon phases and international holidays. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar support vital exploration, conservation, research, and education programs.

The largest living land animals, elephants are complex, sensitive mammals that thrive best in their natural habitats. They develop strong bonds with their young and their mates, showing affection by entwining their trunks with one another. Their ears show even more emotions. Honor these noble giants with this Elephants wall calendar.