2017 Bird Calendars from many species. Bird lovers will enjoy these colorful calendars available in wall, box, mini, engagement formats!

2017 Eagles Calendars!

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With its regal beauty, powers of flight, and stunning wingspan, the eagle is a glorious bird of prey. The figure of the eagle has been used as a political symbol since the time of the Romans. It possesses extremely keen eyesight over long distances. Unfortunately, mankind has been shortsighted in its guardianship of this magnificent bird.

Did you know that Eagles can see up to one and a half miles away? Or that they can dive at 100 miles per hour? National Geographic Eagles 2017 Wall Calendar celebrates this American icon by taking an intimate look at the bald eagles with a breathtaking collection of photographs. Easily recognized due to its white (Old English: bald) head, the Eagle is a symbol of strength and freedom. Each outstanding image is accompanied by fascinating National Geographic information.

Eagles 2017 Wall Calendar
Eagles 2017 Wall Calendar