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2017 Bears Calendars!

Baliko Great Bears 2017 Wall Calendar. Enjoy portraits of the beautiful black bear, impressive grizzly bear, and stunning polar bear all year with this calendar from Bela Baliko. This calendar is printed on FSC certified paper and is fully recyclable. Included are month before/month after views on each page, and large note-friendly grids.

Baliko Great Bears 2017 Wall Calendar
Baliko Great Bears 2017 Wall Calendar


Polar Bears inhabit the northern most areas of the globe and has recently become a symbol of climate warming and its detrimental affects on the planet. As their latin name (ursus maritimus) suggests they are strong swimmers and mainly prey on seals as they come up to breathing holes in the ice flows. As the ice goes so will the bears. Their thick white fur both insulates them from the cold and works as camouflage. Their skin is actually black to capture the warmth of the sun and when resting they protect themselves and their young by digging into snow-drifts which acts as extra insulation.