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2017 Arabians Calendars!

Animals - Horses

Arabians 2017 Wall Calendar. Fast and elegant, the Arabian is the world's oldest purebred horse. These beautiful creatures are unmatched in stamina, incredible staying power, and an uncanny ability to bond with people. The first Arabian stallion arrived in the United States in 1725, and the breed has since become one of the most popular in America. This Arabians wall calendar honors these graceful monarchs of the equine world.

Arabians 2017 Wall Calendar
Arabians 2017 Wall Calendar

Arabians 2017 Wall Calendar. Few would argue that the Arabian is the most elegant breed of horse in the world. The classic dished head features large dark eyes, flared nostrils and a tea cup muzzle. The long and slender neck and powerful yet graceful body are breathtaking to behold. The beauty of the Arabian horse is typified with twelve dazzling photos in this large format wall calendar that also provides large daily grids for recording appointments, birthdays and reminders.

Arabians 2017 Wall Calendar
Arabians 2017 Wall Calendar


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